(W) Ed Brubaker, Charles Knauf, Daniel Knauf, Christos Gage, Brian Michael Bendis (A) Mike Perkins, Lee Weeks, Patrick Zircher

Captain America by the government and his friends caught up in violent clashes. people around him are therefore pay the price. Sharon Carter used her boss into two loyalty she yearned to launch an attack. her life is upside down. Final winter warrior and captain face. but he will choose who stood there? At the same time. we have access to Tony Stark's heart. to understand why he felt that he is the leader of a super-human Registration Act candidate! During the war. Captain America and Iron Man was a secret meeting. Before a larger tragedy. they have no possibility to resolve their disputes? After the war. the two heroes in the end in heartbreak meet again. and the scene not to be missed. 

Civil War Captain America/Iron Man TP

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